Dynamis L.V.L. Bag

The Low Vis Lifestyle (L.V.L.) Bag was designed to be adaptable and customizable to fit your lifestyle and enhance the way you ENGAGE with your environment. Our goal is to EQUIP you with a bag that fits your everyday needs as well as optimizes your capabilities in employing your weapon systems in a threat environment.

“We Stand”

HONOR FIRST! What foundation do you have if you don’t honor those that have gone before us.  This is why I STAND!

Yo, Homie!

Check out Dom and Dylan breaking down your favorite fighting and shooting scenes from the best action movies of all time!

HAWK – Combative’s Training Dummy

The ultimate training partner that doesn’t miss a session and can take a serious beating.

Thanks to Virtic Industries, Dynamis Alliance got out on the range with the newest and baddest combative tool. Watch Dom Raso manipulate HAWK, Virtic industries new combatives dummy. Stay tuned for part 2, the informational review introducing HAWKs capabilities.