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The ADAPTIV-X IWS V2 Holster is the necessary successor to the original.
Featuring a full sweat shield, ergonomic chamfered edges, updated
trigger guard retention and increased rigidity along the slide area. Still a
one-piece design for minimal bulk and maximum strength. The adjustable
retention screw allows you to fine tune for an easier draw, all the way to
a locked down and deliberate pull.

Developed and designed by Navy SEAL’s, subjectively the best unit that
exists, just ask the army (totally unbiased opinion of course). CNC cut for
consistent precision across the board. Stamped with our amazing logo
and real bits of panther*, so you know it’s good.  Light bearing models
coming soon….. “Built for the fight, because we’ve been there.”

*The logo stamp is real, but there isn’t any panther, we really hope you
know that*




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We designed these holsters for reality. Retention is imperative in a combative environment.  Lets face it, most people have a hard time understanding what its like to be in a REAL fight for your life with a pistol on your hip.  Retention is not something we take lightly because we know from experience it is imperative for weapon retention and security.   There is purpose in every detail of our holsters and we want you to have the confidence of knowing its going to be there when we need it the most.  

Configurable ride height, depth, and angle to fit your preference. 


2 reviews for P365 HOLSTER

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    It’s my honor supporting a Christian and American company! Everyday is gift! God Bless!

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